I’ve really been getting into black and white film photography again. I have a number of film cameras that I have collected and lately I have been wanting to document with them. Nature has been my muse as of late and I enjoy this time of year as the trees are bare and the weather … Continue reading Nature.


Is it just me, or do all Mallards seem to be friends? They hang out together, fly together, live together, swim in the same lake and there is always constant chatter. I have been watching the Mallards lately and just love their temperament, colors, and what seems like a love for life. My son calls … Continue reading Friends.

Bird Favorites.

I was going through some old images of bird images I have taken and I decided to put together some of my favorites. Some of these pictures have some pretty cool stories behind them for me. For instance the eagle pictures were taken as I was hanging out at the lake with my son when … Continue reading Bird Favorites.

Nature Items.

This morning we headed out to find some nature items. My son is very much into sticks, leaves, flowers, pinecones, etc. We have lots of these items around the yard and the park nearby. He picked and I photographed. It was a good time. Continue reading Nature Items.

Organizing Images.

I wanted to reach out to my fellow WordPress folks and ask for some tips or recommendations on organizing images. I have thousands of files and folders on my computers of images to which there is no rhyme or reason. If you care to share how you organize your photos that you take, please advise. … Continue reading Organizing Images.