I’ve been stepping away very slowly from digital to film. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of digital, but there is something about film that just takes the art of photography to a whole other level. I’ve been documenting with Tri-X film and am enjoying the results. I am using a Canon A1 … Continue reading Analog.

Organizing Images.

I wanted to reach out to my fellow WordPress folks and ask for some tips or recommendations on organizing images. I have thousands of files and folders on my computers of images to which there is no rhyme or reason. If you care to share how you organize your photos that you take, please advise. … Continue reading Organizing Images.


July was interesting. Both personally and professionally. Not good, not bad, just interesting. Ever have a month like that? I know August gets me one month closer to the autumn season, which is my favorite season of colors, pumpkins and harvesting. Things have been very busy lately and I’m usually not one of those people … Continue reading August.

Butterflies + Friends.

We explored a nature preserve near our home and found butterflies, lavender and birds. Monarchs, Painted Lady’s, English Lavender, and various birds joined us on our walk. In our side of town it has been raining everyday with lots of humidity to go with it. Nature looks green and lush and we noticed the tips … Continue reading Butterflies + Friends.

It’s Been Awhile.

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Oops! Summer set in and life got busy. Or something like that. We visited a rose garden near our home that we knew existed, but never paid too much attention to it. We would always see a bunch of roses near the lake we visit, but … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile.

Mamiya C33.

A few years ago, I inherited a Mamiya C33 from my father in law. He retrieved it from a friend he knows in Iowa for free. He then asked me if I wanted it, but explained that it didn’t work. I took it as I love vintage cameras, especially TLR’s. If you’ve never held one … Continue reading Mamiya C33.