Morning at the Lake.

Saturday mornings are wonderful. I think we can all agree. Lately, we have been getting lots of rain and cooler temperatures. We decided to spend our morning at the lake to watch and photograph. Swallows were swarming the lake and a family of geese were making their way through different areas to feed and explore. … Continue reading Morning at the Lake.

The Lake.

It’s cold and snowy in my side of town, which makes for a great time to explore the trees and lake nearby. The geese were resting on the paths and the ducks were hanging out near the shore. A Red Tailed Hawk was perched on a tree just above the trail I normally walk along … Continue reading The Lake.


As 2018 quickly approaches, I was thinking back on this year. We sold a home. Purchased  a home. Renovated a home. Quit a job. Turned down jobs. We laughed. We cried. But most importantly, as a family, we stayed close. Probably closer than we have ever been. It dawned on me yesterday as we ventured … Continue reading Thankful.