Gulls in Autumn.

We sat and watched the gulls today in Colorado’s wonderful golden light. It was a great autumn day in my neck of the woods. The gulls were doing some fishing as I was trying to get some good images of a few Buffleheads that have made their way into town. My focus immediately shifted to … Continue reading Gulls in Autumn.


Is it just me, or do all Mallards seem to be friends? They hang out together, fly together, live together, swim in the same lake and there is always constant chatter. I have been watching the Mallards lately and just love their temperament, colors, and what seems like a love for life. My son calls … Continue reading Friends.


My son and I spent an early morning with the Mallards. It was cold, but the lighting was great. There was an older gentleman nearby fishing and I asked him if we were scaring away his fish, and his response was, “The fish are not even up yet.” It made me laugh, but I realized … Continue reading Mallards.


I really like these colors from last night. We went and watched the Mergansers for awhile ¬†at the lake nearby after dinner. We finally had a break from the rain and storms that have been moving through our side of town each afternoon. We really like watching the male and female Mergansers as they are … Continue reading Colors.

Tulips + Ducks.

Spring time has definitely been showing its face around my side of town. Warmer temperatures, flowers blooming, and lots of birds flying around. Today we explored the lake near our home and saw the usual suspects, except a Great Blue Heron flew over our heads. These are my favorite species of bird. So graceful in … Continue reading Tulips + Ducks.