I’ve been stepping away very slowly from digital to film. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of digital, but there is something about film that just takes the art of photography to a whole other level. I’ve been documenting with Tri-X film and am enjoying the results. I am using a Canon A1 … Continue reading Analog.


I’ve really been getting into black and white film photography again. I have a number of film cameras that I have collected and lately I have been wanting to document with them. Nature has been my muse as of late and I enjoy this time of year as the trees are bare and the weather … Continue reading Nature.

Mamiya C33.

A few years ago, I inherited a Mamiya C33 from my father in law. He retrieved it from a friend he knows in Iowa for free. He then asked me if I wanted it, but explained that it didn’t work. I took it as I love vintage cameras, especially TLR’s. If you’ve never held one … Continue reading Mamiya C33.