Bird Favorites.

I was going through some old images of bird images I have taken and I decided to put together some of my favorites. Some of these pictures have some pretty cool stories behind them for me. For instance the eagle pictures were taken as I was hanging out at the lake with my son when … Continue reading Bird Favorites.


Headed out to a trail this morning to seek some inspiration. Not just in an artistic way, but for life in general. My son and I have been creating watercolor paintings and trees are our favorite thing to paint. I wanted to photograph a lot of trees and scenes to bring home some inspiration for … Continue reading Inspiration.


I ventured out by myself yesterday evening to go on a nature walk and make some images. I really like the late summer lighting as it makes for wonderful imagery. It’s warm and has a hint of autumn in it. I really enjoy walking around with a camera and documenting. Whether it be in nature … Continue reading Solo.

Monday Morning.

We are starting off the week observing trees. My son loves trees and wants to know all about them. I love to photograph trees. Windy trees, snow covered trees, rainy trees, tall, short, whatever. Lighting hits trees so beautifully. Just recently my son and I have been drawing trees utilizing watercolor and pencil. I prefer … Continue reading Monday Morning.

Nature Items.

This morning we headed out to find some nature items. My son is very much into sticks, leaves, flowers, pinecones, etc. We have lots of these items around the yard and the park nearby. He picked and I photographed. It was a good time. Continue reading Nature Items.


July was interesting. Both personally and professionally. Not good, not bad, just interesting. Ever have a month like that? I know August gets me one month closer to the autumn season, which is my favorite season of colors, pumpkins and harvesting. Things have been very busy lately and I’m usually not one of those people … Continue reading August.