Food Photography.

I like to believe that photography has many different categories to specialize in. One category is food. A difficult category to say the least. It’s in the details. Food photography is in a league of its own. Just like any other category it takes time, patience, sometimes solitude and a great tripod. Tethering is also … Continue reading Food Photography.

Choosing a Camera.

Many years ago, I was faced with this dilemma. I was sitting in my photojournalism class as a young college student listening to my photojournalism professor lecture us about why the Canon 20D was the best camera to purchase at the time. Again, this was close to 15 years ago. I believe the 20D was … Continue reading Choosing a Camera.


As 2018 quickly approaches, I was thinking back on this year. We sold a home. Purchased  a home. Renovated a home. Quit a job. Turned down jobs. We laughed. We cried. But most importantly, as a family, we stayed close. Probably closer than we have ever been. It dawned on me yesterday as we ventured … Continue reading Thankful.