Cedar Waxwing.

We caught word of a cedar waxwing sighting today hanging out in some bushes and birch trees on a trail near our home. There were about 5 or 6 of them that we could see just hopping around the branches looking for berries. These are one of my favorite birds as they are so cool … Continue reading Cedar Waxwing.


My son and I headed to the lake today to take pictures of the shore birds. When I was there, I overheard a gentleman talking about an owl in the area that had been spotted. I didn’t catch what type as it was in passing. Realizing I didn’t have my binoculars, my son and I … Continue reading Owl.

The Lake.

It’s cold and snowy in my side of town, which makes for a great time to explore the trees and lake nearby. The geese were resting on the paths and the ducks were hanging out near the shore. A Red Tailed Hawk was perched on a tree just above the trail I normally walk along … Continue reading The Lake.