Today I spotted Hooded and Common Mergansers. Then I heard my wife from across the pond yell, Kingfisher as I saw him fly across the pond. My son yelled out Wood Duck in his 4 year old excitement. It hit me right away, that we are a group of nerds. Bird nerds. Nature nerds. Whatever. … Continue reading Merganser


The month of April has started off very pleasant in our neck of the woods. Making for great nature walks and bird watching. Our grass is slowly turning green in areas and the trees are full of buds. This morning’s nature walk was a warm one. We brought the jackets, but after about 5 minutes … Continue reading April.


Happy Easter. Now that spring is upon us, I am looking forward to blooming flowers, warmer temperatures and spending more time outdoors. On my side of town our peony plants are shooting up out of the ground, as well as the tulips. The hyacinth flowers are blooming and the crocus have been withered by our … Continue reading Easter.

Before the Snow.

Today, we awoke to lots of snow covered trees and very cold temperatures. But, before the snow, we explored a different lake and area near our home. Yesterday, was a very nice overcast day, with a few sprinkles. On our nature explorations, we followed a Belted King Fisher from tree to tree and watched him … Continue reading Before the Snow.

Nature + Bird Walk.

We headed out this morning for a nature + bird walk. We saw lots of birds, trees, and watched the creek run for awhile. It is so nice to get outdoors and explore. Our son loves it. Nature, that is. It beats any toy, although he might argue with that. It’s question after question about … Continue reading Nature + Bird Walk.


We had to make a trip to our local garden store to pick up a few things and my son noticed all of the flowers and would not let us leave without taking some home. Ranunculus are one of our favorite flowers and we were very surprised to see them out already, so we picked … Continue reading Ranunculus.


These little vegetables are pretty darn cool or rad(ish). The radish is one of my favorites. Especially in a salsa. We just started a few rows of them in our garden a couple days ago. They are such an easy cool weather vegetable to grow, just make sure you thin them out. Otherwise, you will … Continue reading Rad(ish)