A Rose.

I have been watching this rose open and bloom in our garden for the past few weeks. It is a single rose with a lovely pink and orange color. A second is now starting to open just a few feet from it, but I was drawn to this one because of how large it is. … Continue reading A Rose.

Robin Hatchlings.

For the past few weeks we have been watching a Robin come and go to her nest that is right outside our window. She finally had what looks like, three robins. She has been very busy flying back and forth bringing them food. They have the coolest Mohawks and are barely opening their eyes at … Continue reading Robin Hatchlings.

Morning at the Lake.

Saturday mornings are wonderful. I think we can all agree. Lately, we have been getting lots of rain and cooler temperatures. We decided to spend our morning at the lake to watch and photograph. Swallows were swarming the lake and a family of geese were making their way through different areas to feed and explore. … Continue reading Morning at the Lake.


I really like these colors from last night. We went and watched the Mergansers for awhile ¬†at the lake nearby after dinner. We finally had a break from the rain and storms that have been moving through our side of town each afternoon. We really like watching the male and female Mergansers as they are … Continue reading Colors.