Our inquisitive, not so well mannered, yet well mannered, Spinone has been with us now for 3 months. To explain this, she can be the wisest and most loyal dog, I have ever seen. On the opposite end, she can be the most stubborn and disloyal dog, I have ever seen. It has been more … Continue reading Dog.


We are so excited to grow herbs this year in our new garden. We recently moved to a new home outside of the city with a very large yard and space for a garden. We love herbs especially rosemary and thyme which are our favorites to grow. The blue tuscan rosemary is very nice as … Continue reading Herbs.


I love the lighting in my home. I’ve written about this before, so please excuse my repetition. I remember the very first time I picked up a camera many years ago, I just started to take pictures and the lighting was the last thing I was paying attention to. Now, it is the first thing … Continue reading (Good)Light.

Today’s Birds.

I know I’ve done a lot of bird posts lately, but these little guys were spotted in our backyard this morning, while we were out enjoying the sun and warmer weather. A Chickadee, Downy and Nuthatch. All three are very common in our neck of the woods, but every time I try and photograph them, … Continue reading Today’s Birds.

Tree Identification.

A few days ago, my son and I hit up our local bookstore to purchase the Audubon Field Guide to Trees. We live in Colorado in a suburb about 45 minutes outside of Denver with lots of trees and nature options. We have a large backyard that houses lots of different trees, shrubs and a … Continue reading Tree Identification.


We are starting our seeds today for a few things we like to grow this upcoming gardening season. Cosmos, sweet peas, zinnias, dahlias, and pumpkins. Our pumpkins are large jack o lantern, Cinderella, and white pumpkins. We grow other flowers and vegetables as well, but after a few days of our son walking around with … Continue reading Seeds.