Street Photography.

I really enjoy wandering the streets with a camera in hand. My favorite… is after a quick rain or snow. This is when you will see people with umbrellas in a hurry to get to their next location. Or people crossing the streets illegally making for nice depth and contrast with light. The images below … Continue reading Street Photography.

Birds. (B+W)

Whenever I need inspiration or am seeking a different approach to photography, I photograph birds. Not up close, but from a distance. (Honestly, I cannot photograph up close anymore as I ridded myself of all of my Canon equipment, including my 300mm) I’ve always been drawn to wide angle photos, vs. macro, but it’s just … Continue reading Birds. (B+W)

The Birds.

I like watching birds. Scratch that, I love watching birds. So much in fact, I will stop my car in the middle of the road and follow a bird that I think I have never seen. I’m always staring at the sky. I photographed the image below from the side of the road as a … Continue reading The Birds.