Morning at the Lake.

Saturday mornings are wonderful. I think we can all agree. Lately, we have been getting lots of rain and cooler temperatures. We decided to spend our morning at the lake to watch and photograph. Swallows were swarming the lake and a family of geese were making their way through different areas to feed and explore. … Continue reading Morning at the Lake.


I really like these colors from last night. We went and watched the Mergansers for awhile ¬†at the lake nearby after dinner. We finally had a break from the rain and storms that have been moving through our side of town each afternoon. We really like watching the male and female Mergansers as they are … Continue reading Colors.

Says Phoebe.

We spent some time watching and documenting a Says Phoebe today. They look very similar to a Robin and can easily be misidentified if you see them fly by. I am always prone to getting a bird in flight rather than perched on a tree. So, I sat for awhile waiting and watching this guy … Continue reading Says Phoebe.


We made a quick stop at the lake today and spotted a few American Goldfinch fluttering about the trees. They look great against any background due to their bright yellow color. They do not sit still for long, though, although I was able to get a few images of one getting a quick drink of … Continue reading Goldfinch.