Early Autumn.

Back in my college teaching days, I would always share the Langston Hughes short story, Early Autumn with my students. He describes a wonderful setting of autumn and every time this season comes around it reminds me of how marvelous the season of autumn really is. I think it also reminds me of how I … Continue reading Early Autumn.

Late Summer.

As we approach the end of summer, I enjoy the cooler mornings and evenings, the golden light and the birds. We made a short trip to the foothills in pursuit of some wild turkeys. My son and I have had on our radar these ugly yet wonderful looking birds. Luck must have been on our … Continue reading Late Summer.


It was a great way to end the month of August with an owl sighting. We ventured out on a nature walk and followed some strange sounds coming from a trail. As we entered the middle of our trail we were walking, we decided to stop and listen for it again. I happened to turn … Continue reading Owl.